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Today is Friday, September 23rd, sales tax day in Ohio, and, as usual, I am reminded of the myriad of monetary mandates private sector business must accomplish to fund public sector agencies and bureaucracies at every level of government. Some of our elected officials and their appointees at city, county, state and federal levels seem to have growth of their authority as their principle goal … and that is not good for private sector business.

Meanwhile I am late starting to write my column for The American Antiquities Journal. The delay in writing is partly due to my inability to put in writing my thoughts regarding some important current events about which I have strong personal feelings. Looking back over the past several years, I see a decline in honesty in some of our political leaders and an expansion of their notions of their role in our personal lives.

I have friends who are elected officials, and I know many who are honorable and concerned with the direction of America. This year, a presidential election year, with questions about corruption, rioting, terrorism, the economy, national defense, health care, national debt, competency, regulations and in general government overreach, I see a significant dampening of the entrepreneurial spirit caused by an array of new hurdles negatively impacting ongoing businesses and curtailing interest in starting a new business.

The economic heart of the United States of America is free enterprise capitalism coupled with individuals willing to risk their fortune to start and operate a small business. With the exception of some forward-thinking CVB's, all of American Antiquities’ clients are small businesses. The multimedia network we have established with them provides them and us a wealth of opportunities to succeed in these uncertain times.

Our two magazines hitting the market three times a year provide the most cost-effective institutional advertising available in the market today. Our blog and websites allow digital media access at no cost to those who do not have the wherewithal to accomplish the same for themselves. Our mobile app and QR code access to Internet Billboards provide cutting edge events-oriented marketing for, in some cases, less than a dime a day ... I am telling the truth and if you discover I am not, American Antiquities will give you a free ad for a year.

Let's hold our elected officials and their appointed assistants to that standard... do not vote for or tolerate those who do not tell you the truth.

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