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With Art Wilson

Contemplating going On the Road and going On the Road are two very important and different experiences for me. From a planning standpoint, I need to make sure I have enough supplies to conduct business for several days On the Road without access to the inventories we maintain at the shop. I also, out of habit, summarily review what we have done for the past 24 years so I can convey to everyone I encounter what we've done, what we're doing, and what we plan to do in the future.

Part of my look-back review this time focused on how media has changed over the past several years. In times past most Americans trusted major print and broadcast media and appreciated their presentation as honest, unbiased, and accurate. At those times before digital media, print and broadcast media dominated all news coverage. They did so in part because no one who was inclined to challenge their presentation had the resources to do so. The legends in broadcast and print were comfortable presenting the news in a seemingly honest and unbiased way because they were in charge, and the social order was not being threatened by significant changes.

Today the country is severely challenged and so drastically divided nearly everyone must decide which side of a myriad of important issues they fall in order to be a part of a solution. Also digital media is so pervasive that nearly anyone can have their opinion heard and that has pushed the establishment to the point they no longer mask their liberal bent ... which has negatively impacted at least half of the general public's view of their analysis of the issues.

As a small business owner, I see more government as an obstacle to my future and notice overwhelmingly the promotion of more government services by the establishment. The question is ... what can we as small business owners do to weather the storm? The most important part of any ongoing business plan is to generate revenue to support day-to-day operation. The two most common ways to do that are to increase sales and/or reduce expenses.

American Antiquities can do both with our general services and with our new i-Board bundle offering. No matter what you choose, if you find a better deal we will gift you a free app listing for one year.

We recently enjoyed our 24th year operating the American Antiquities Gallery and will soon enjoy the same anniversary for The American Antiquities Journal and its attendant digital media sites. For 24 years we have worked to show our appreciation for our customers and clients by constantly looking for better and more cost-effective ways to serve them. Our latest offering is a good example of our effort and can be viewed in full form by visiting Springfield, Ohio and Nitro, West Virginia.


See you on the Road!