Specializing in Art Deco and Industrial Design Since 1975

Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Moderne & Industrial Design Antiques & Collectibles

Featuring: Furniture, Barware, Lamps, Art, Jewelry, Watches, Bakelite, Lighters, Microphones, Hood Ornaments, Statues, Mirrors, Radios, Smoking Accessories, World's Fair Memorabilia, Decorative Arts and Objets d'Art Deco

From: Chase, Frankart, Revere, Ronson, NuArt, Manning Bowman, Cambridge, Roseville, Cowan, Consolidated, Sabino, Howell, Maxfield Parrish, Norman Bel Geddes, Walter Dorwin Teague, Henry Dreyfuss, Raymond Loewy, Lurelle Guild, Russell Wright, Donald Deskey, Ken Weber, Paul Frankl, Edgar Brandt, Gilbert Rohde, Walter Von Nessen

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