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Old Central City is known as the "Antique Capital" of the Tri-State (Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia). You can enjoy shopping, eating, and experience our rich history at nearby museums. Old Central City is a good place to shop while touring the city, seeing the Quilt Trail and attending our special events. Each year we have Old Central City Days, which is a festive time of outdoor antique displays, crafts, good food and musical entertainment. A highlight during Old Central City Days is the Word and Song Café.

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Old Central City (1893-1909) was a flourishing manufacturing town with several industries. It was annexed in 1909 by the City of Huntington and referred to as Fourteenth Street or West Huntington. Fourteenth Street West is now the main business street. Today it and the surrounding area is a viable part of Huntington and known as Old Central City.

We feel you will enjoy shopping in Old Central City. We have antique, specialty and gift shops, home style cooking Cafés, an Amish market, bed and breakfast, museums, arts and crafts, and more. Old Central City is a fun place to shop & visit!

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Visit the many attractions in and around Old Central City: Antique, Collectables and Crafts Camden Park Central City Exhibition at Cabell West Library Heritage Farm Museum & Village Taylor's Auto Collection The Radio Museum The Railroad Museum The Word & Song Café

Old Central City is rich in history that still touches our modern day lives. An example of this is Heiner's Bakery, started by Charles Heiner and his wife back in 1905. Today, Heiner's Bakery is one of the largest employers in the Tri-State and a leading bakery in the United States, now a division of Sara Lee Food and Beverage. When visiting Old Central City, plan to take a tour of Heiner's Bakery.

Historic homes also add to the excitement of nostalgia in Old Central City. Periodically organized tours are conducted to view these homes that date back more than 100 years. To really learn the history of Old Central City, read Lola Roush Miller's fascinating history of Old Central City that she wrote in 1993. That booklet is still available today. Ask for it at the West Huntington Library.

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Nearby Old Central City is the Heritage Farm Museum & Village. It too provides an enjoyable day of community life as it was in yesteryears. Today you can shop and enjoy a day with your family in Old Central City. Many a concert has taken place here, leaving fond memories of holiday events and other special occasions.

Old Central City ... a proud past and a bright future ... preserved and flourishing for your enjoyment. Visit us for an enjoyable time in Old Central City. You'll be glad you did, and will want to come back again, and again.

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For information or brochures about Old Central City, call 1-800-CALL-WVA (1-800-225-5982)

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